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Sleep Disorders Part 2: Adults CEU

Author: Jassin M. Jouria, MD

Topic: Psychosocial Concepts & Support Systems

Duration: 6 hours
4.7 out of 5.0, Based on: 229 reviews

Course Summary

Every person requires sleep as a normal part of daily activity and for continued health and stability. Almost everyone experiences disrupted sleep at one time or another. There may be some nights when sleep is hard to get, while on other nights, sleep cannot come soon enough. For a percentage of the population, sleep is continuously disrupted as a result of sleep disorders. These conditions impact the ability to achieve good, quality sleep and lead to chronic sleep deprivation, exhaustion, and possibly long-term health consequences. This is the second in a three-part series on sleep disorders.

Course Format

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Program Goal:

To educate CCM® board certified case managers about Sleep Disorders Part 2: Adults

Learning Objectives

At the close of this activity, participants will be able to:

  • Describe normal sleep cycles
  • Explain circadian rhythms
  • List common limb-related sleep disorders
  • Discuss common surgical treatment options for sleep disorders

Course Syllabus

  1. Introduction
  2. Normal Sleep Patterns
    1. NREM
    2. REM
  3. Common Sleep Disorders
    1. Breathing Disorders
    2. Insomnia
    3. Circadian Rhythm Disorders
    4. Limb Disorders
  4. Nighttime Sleep Behaviors
    1. Hypersomnias
    2. Sleepwalking
    3. Confusional Arousals
    4. REM Behavior Disorder
  5. Sleep Disorders Secondary To Illness/Injury
    1. Injury and Chronic Pain
    2. Obesity
    3. Mental Illness
    4. Heart Disease
  6. Sleep Tests
    1. Polysomnography
    2. Maintenance of Wakefulness
    3. Multiple Sleep Latency Test
    4. Actigraphy
    5. Imaging and Laboratory Tests
  7. Treatments For Sleep Disorders
    1. Behavioral Modifications
    2. CPAP and BiPAP
    3. Medications
    4. Surgical Treatment
  8. Summary


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