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Motivational Interviewing CEU

Author: Dana Bartlett, BSN, MSN, MA, CSPI

Topic: Psychosocial Concepts & Support Systems

Duration: 2 hours
4.6 out of 5.0, Based on: 9,187 reviews

Course Summary

Motivational interviewing is a method that promotes positive behavior change. It can be used in a multitude of healthcare environments and situations to promote patient adherence to treatment and progress toward improved health outcomes. Motivational interviewing is based on the principles of therapeutic communication and instead of providing advice, or even just a listening ear, the interviewer acts as a coach for the patient. Motivational interviewing is a collaborative process that edifies and makes the patient responsible for personal choices. It is not exclusively a stand-alone therapy. It can be incorporated into treatments and routine care for patients with various health issues, including those with physical health problems, mental health issues, or substance use and addiction disorders. Motivational interviewing has also successfully been used along with other forms of therapy to improve the connection between the patient and the clinician and to alter the process at which the patient makes life changes.

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Program Goal:

To educate CCM® board certified case managers about Motivational Interviewing

Learning Objectives

At the close of this activity, participants will be able to:

  • Define motivational interviewing and the basic structure of its use in treatment or therapy.
  • List the four main principles associated with motivational interviewing.
  • Describe techniques used as part of motivational interviewing to assess ambivalence and foster change in the client.
  • Explain how motivational interviewing can be used as part of treatment for substance abuse and addiction.

Course Syllabus

  • Introduction
  • Motivational Interviewing
  • An Overview
  • Stages Of Readiness For Change
  • Empathy And Engaging The Patient
  • Motivational Interviewing Process And Techniques
  • Lifespan And Cultural Perspectives
  • Disease Management And Motivational Interviewing
  • Diabetes And Motivational Interviewing
  • Heart Disease And Motivational Interviewing
  • Severe And Persistent Mental Illness
  • Depression And MI
  • Suicide And MI
  • Co-occurring Disorders And MI
  • Personality Disorders And MI
  • Motivational Interviewing And Prenatal Care
  • Addiction And Pregnancy
  • Smoking Cessation And Motivational Interviewing


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